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The family at K&C Solutions aims to simplify the business of medicine, restore healthcare professionals focus on patient care, and provide a clear path for the success of your business. Our primary purpose is providing a valuable playbook for independent physicians. With you in mind, we strategically offer custom solutions  both partnered and proprietary, we call this our “Partner Playbook.” When you consult with us, our relationships are to your benefit. Whether you are starting your medical practice or you’ve owned your practice for years, we can help increase revenue, improve efficiencies, and enhance patient care. 

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Oftentimes practice managers and providers know that adding ancillary services can be a great way to boost revenue and attract new patients while increasing the level of patient care and satisfaction. The challenge is knowing which ancillary services to implement. Something to consider is whether or not the service is genuinely in the best interest of your practice, how to add services without disrupting the flow of the practice or taking up valuable space, and how to integrate the services without taxing your already busy staff. 
Conversely, one of the most overlooked benefits of ancillary services is allowing providers to spend more time with patients. Many believe that the only way to counter decreasing reimbursements is to increase patient load. By adding revenue generating ancillary services you get to fulfill the needs of your patients saving them precious time, and building stronger relationships all while increasing your revenue. This option can increase patient satisfaction and retention as opposed to tighter schedules and shorter appointments, which threaten patient satisfaction levels and retention. Our solutions are simple, based on vetted relationships proven to add value to both your practice and patients. 

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K&C Solutions eliminates the guesswork out of adding ancillary services. We continually identify and research the many options available to our clients and have access to the “best of class” solutions for ancillary services. We can also help you decide if it is a viable solution for your practice based on your desired level of involvement, your time and space constraints and your patient demographics.

From Our Clients


Kimberly Tucker, CEO of KC Medical Solutions
Kimberly, as a consultant, is focused on providing added value and revenue for medical providers and clinics and has not only increased the value to my clinic but has doubled the revenue coming into my practice. She does this by taking time to understand the provider or clinic’s needs, then catering her skills and products to benefit the practice. Kimberly values relationships above all & is thoroughly invested in how she can best benefit her clients to maintain these carefully established relationships. Kimberly has introduced me to multiple services that benefit my patients, have increased revenue and provided collaboration with over a dozen colleagues with resulting mutual professional benefit.
Brian Bluth, MD

CEO, Bluth Medical Associates

Kimberly possesses a remarkable ability to analyze complex healthcare challenges and develop innovative solutions. Having had the pleasure of working closely with her on several projects, I can confidently say that Kimberly’s expertise and dedication to improving healthcare systems are truly exceptional.

Her deep knowledge of the industry, coupled with her strong analytical skills, enables Kimberly to uncover valuable insights and offer strategic recommendations that drive positive change. I have witnessed firsthand how her sharp intellect and attention to detail have consistently resulted in remarkable outcomes for clients.   Working with Kimberly has been an absolute pleasure, and I am confident that she will continue to make a significant positive impact in the healthcare industry.

Thomas Fondren

Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma

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